Cultural Homestay International

Gorham High School is partnered with Cultural Homestay International

At Gorham High School, we are proud to partner with Cultural Homestay International to host exchange students from all over the world! Our exchange students become part of our Gorham High School family and enrich our community in countless ways.

Enrich your family by adding a new son or daughter!  Learn a new language and culture while sharing American culture with a deserving teen from abroad.  Contribute to international understanding, and make a positive impact in our school community.

Students bring spending money, health insurance, and the desire to experience American culture. Host families volunteer to provide room, board and a supportive family environment. Host families can choose a student who looks to be a good fit for their family's interests and lifestyle. Local support is provided to students, host families and schools.

To learn more, click on the link below,
Email Blayne Matty, or follow this link: View Website CHI - Blayne Matty