Grading System

Graduation Requirements

Students graduating from Gorham High School must have earned a minimum of twenty-two credits and successfully completed the following graduation requirements:


4.0 credits


3.0 credits


3.0 credits

Social Studies

3.0 credits

Fine Arts (Art or Music)

1.0 credit

Physical Education

1.0 credit


1.0 credit

Health Education

0.5 credits


5.5 credits

All students are required to take World History I.  Students must earn credit in American Studies and World History II

The remaining credits may be selected by the student from the Program of Studies based upon interest and needs beyond high school.

Graduation Standards

The Gorham School Department has established the following Graduation Standards (see below). For each course, teachers have identified which Graduation Standards are assessed; teachers may weight Graduation Standards for their courses depending on the significance of the standard in the course curriculum. 

Course assignments are aligned to Graduation Standards, and students earn grades for each Graduation Standard assigned to a course. Grades for each Graduation Standard are averaged together to arrive at a final course grade


  1. Reading Comprehension and Interpretation

  2. Writing

  3. Research

  4. Speaking and Listening

  5. Skills for Life


  1. Mathematical Practices

  2. Number and Quantity 

  3. Algebra

  4. Geometry

  5. Statistics and Probability

  6. Mathematical Modeling

  7. Skills for Life


  1. Content Knowledge

  2. Science Practices

  3. Skills for Life

Social Studies

  1. Applications of Social Studies Processes, Knowledge, and Skills

  2. Civic Engagement

  3. Civics and Government

  4. Economics

  5. Geography

  6. History

  7. Skills for Life

World Languages

  1. Communities Language Acquisition

  2. Interpretive Communication

  3. Interpersonal Communication

  4. Presentational Communication

  5. Comparison of Practices, Products, and Perspectives

  6. Skills for Life

Visual and Performing Arts

  1. Disciplinary Literacy

  2. Creation, Performance and Expression

  3. Creative Problem Solving

  4. Aesthetics,  Criticism,  and Connections

  5. Skills for Life


  1. Health Concepts and Risk Reduction

  2. Health Information, Products, and Services

  3. Influences on Health

  4. Advocacy, Decision-Making, and Goal-Setting Skills

  5. Skills for Life

Physical Education

  1. Personal and Social Skills and Knowledge

  2. Movement and Motor Skills and Knowledge (PE 2)

  3. Physical Fitness Activities and Knowledge

  4. Skills for Life


  1. Self-Knowledge and Interpersonal Relationships

  2. Education, Career, and Life Roles

  3. Making Decisions, Utilizing a Planning Process, Creating Opportunities, and Making Meaningful Contributions

  4. Skills for Life


  1. Technology Design and Planning

  2. Technology Tools, Materials, and Processes

  3. Technology Concepts and Skills

  4. Skills for Life

GHS Grading Scale

Proficiency Score

100-Pt. Score

Proficiency Description



Distinguished – Demonstrates thorough knowledge of key concepts, processes, and skills taught within the curriculum.  Shows a standard of excellence, providing highly detailed responses, expressed clearly and succinctly.  Indicates consistent understanding and application; exceptional insight is demonstrated.







Proficient – Demonstrates sufficient knowledge of key concepts, processes, and skills. Provides detailed responses, expressing ideas clearly. Most applications of content are correct.







Developing – Demonstrates some knowledge of key concepts, processes, and skills and is progressing toward proficiency.  Responses may demonstrate inconsistent understanding and application of content.







Emerging – Demonstrates limited evidence of understanding and applying key concepts, processes, and skills. 









Insufficient Evidence – The student did not turn in enough work to determine his/her/their level of understanding or skill.

Passing is a 73

Skills for Life

In each course, students are assessed in Skills for Life in addition to academic standards. Teachers use the following rubric to assess students:

Gorham High School

Skills for Life

Graduation Standard

Performance Indicator





Student takes responsibility for learning. 

I have few or no materials or assignments completed.

I may require direct supervision in order to stay on task during class activities and independent work.

I have some required materials and assignments are partially completed.

I require multiple reminders to engage in classroom activities and to use my time productively.

I have required materials and assignments are fully completed.

I engage in classroom activities and use my time productively.  

I show initiative beyond the required assignment.

I enhance classroom activities by taking  intellectual risks, listening to others, and using my time productively.

Student behaves ethically and respectfully.

I borrow or copy work and/or fail to give credit to my sources.

I am disrespectful to peers and/or adults.

I submit my own work and/or give credit to my sources.

I am not always  respectful to peers and/or adults, but I accept responsibility for my actions and behaviors.

I submit my own work and/or give credit to my sources.

I am respectful to peers and adults. 

I accept responsibility for my actions and behaviors.

I submit my own work and/or give credit to my sources.

I set a standard of ethical and respectful behavior that is noticeable to others. 

Grade Conversions

When students transfer grades to Gorham High School from other schools, including colleges and universities, we use grades posted on official transcripts from accredited institutions.  When a transcript from another school utilizes a letter-grade scale or a 4-point grade scale, we use the respective school's conversion chart to determine a grade on the 100-point scale to post to our transcript.  If a sending school does not have a conversion chart, then we use one (see below) developed by the University of Maine System. For students who transfer to GHS from a home school or from an institution that is not accredited, we follow guidelines in Gorham Schools Policy IHGMA (click here to review).

University of Maine Grade Conversion Chart

Academic Integrity 

Academic integrity violations strike at the heart of the educational mission and core values of Gorham School.  The GHS community recognizes that adherence to high principles of academic integrity is vital to the academic function of the high school program.  Academic integrity is based upon honesty, which is one of our core values. Al GHS students are expected to be honest in their academic endeavors. All academic work should be performed in a manner that will provide an honest reflection of the knowledge and abilities of each student. All member so the Gorham High School community should regard any breach of academic honesty as a serious offense.

To read Gorham High School's Academic Integrity policy, click on the link below:

GHS Academic Integrity Policy