Advisory Program

The advisory program at Gorham High School is designed to connect every student to an adult in the school.  Students remain connected with their advisor during their entire time at Gorham High School, and this four-year partnership provides the time necessary to develop a trusting relationship. Ideally, as student-advisor relationships develop, all students will know and be able to speak comfortably with at least one adult in the high school. This ongoing working relationship enables advisors to know each advisee’s aspirations and the obstacles standing in the way of these aspirations.  While learning of their advisees’ hopes, advisors will help students find solutions to obstacles that are best suited for each student.  Parents should also get to know their student’s advisor.  Advisors will remain constant throughout a student’s four years at Gorham High School and can serve as a contact for parents.

Programmatically, advisories are organized by grade level and are designed in such a way as to encourage thoughtful discourse while being responsive to emerging issues that impact our school, local, and global communities.