Storm Day Information

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I wanted to make sure you were all aware of our snow cancellation processes and procedures here in Gorham. Below is information that will assist you in understanding what to expect on bad weather days that might impact our schools:

*  Cancellations and delays are generally based on overall road conditions in Gorham and our ability to safely run buses. Additionally, due to the fact that so many of our students walk to school, we also base decisions on our public works crew’s ability to plow and clean sidewalks. In some circumstances, cancellations and delays may also be based on forecasted conditions.

*  The Gorham Schools utilize full day cancellations, 1-hour delays, and 2-hour delays as well as early dismissals depending upon the forecasted conditions and timing of storms. If school is delayed for 1 hour, all bus pick-up times and school start times will be delayed by exactly 1 hour. For example, if your student would normally have been picked up by 7:15 and the school day began at 7:45 the new pick-up time would be 8:15 and the new school start time would be 8:45. Similarly, for a 2-hour delay, all bus pick-up times and school start times will be delayed by exactly 2 hours.  Early release dismissal times will generally be as follows: 

School Hours for Early Release Due to Storms:


11:00 am


11:10 am


12:00 am


12:00 pm

Great Falls

12:00 pm

IF school is canceled or delayed, communication regarding these decisions will be relayed to you via: School Messenger (our automated phone, text, and email system). This notification would typically occur at approximately 5:30

  • School Messenger (our automated phone, text, and email system). This notification would typically occur at approximately 5:30 a.m. if a decision is made to cancel in the morning, or by 10:00 a.m. if a decision is made to cancel at the half day.

  • District web site

  • Twitter

  • TV Stations: Channel 6, Channel 8 and Channel 13

  • Radio Stations: WGAN 560 AM, WMGX 93.1 FM, WPOR 101.0 FM, WYNZ 100.0 FM, WTHT 99.9 FM, WLAM 1470 AM,

    and KISS 97.9 FM

If school is canceled for the day, all after-school programs, activities, and athletic events are automatically canceled unless the district specifically communicates otherwise.

There may be times when school is in session, but the weather is expected to worsen throughout the day and into the evening, causing the district to cancel all after-school programs, activities, and athletic events. Communication on these occasions will be via announcements in schools, our automated messaging system, and our website.

The Gorham schools will have "Traditional" snow days this year, at least Up to the five snow days that are planned in our school calendar.  If the number of snow days exceeds the five allotted in our school calendar, we may then elect to utilize at home learning processes so that we do not need to extend the school year further into the summer.  If this becomes an issue, notifications will go home to parents well ahead of time to allow for proper planning.

Please understand that attempting to forecast the weather conditions here in Maine is difficult even for our professional meteorologists. The Gorham Schools will always attempt to make the best decisions possible with the safety of our students at the forefront of each decision. On a day that is forecasted to have poor weather conditions, I typically will start my morning at 4:30 a.m. getting up to watch the weather, calling our public works crew who are on the road, and other area Superintendents to see what conditions are likely to be in their area. I will then log onto several weather sites, check radar and satellite images and timing of the storm, all before making my final decision. Then once the decision is made, all I can do is sit back and hope that all of that data is correct and that mother nature cooperates!  None of this, as you might imagine is an exact science. The Gorham Schools will always do its best to make the right call, however, please know we understand that it is always the parent/guardian who makes the final decisions regarding the safety of your student(s). If there is ever a circumstance where school has not been canceled or delayed, yet you feel as though it is best to keep your child home because of road conditions please do not hesitate to do so.

If you have any questions, please feel free to Email Heather Perry.

Thank you!

Heather J. Perry,

Superintendent of Schools