Advertisement / Fundraiser Approval Form

Any type of advertising, fundraising, or solicitation connected to the school, generated out of course curriculum or activities or from an approved student club or organization, requires administrative approval.

This form must be completed and submitted to the building principal for approval prior to any advertisement being posted inside or outside of GHS. A staff member must supervise all advertising and fundraising activities.

Individual fundraising, promotion of for-profit business sales, or promotion of political candidates or political causes are not allowed.

Any type of advertising, fundraising, or solicitation not connected to the school must follow Gorham Schools policies (click on the links below to view the policies):

Fundraiser Approval Form

18 Questions

Any marketing materials must be submitted along with this form for approval(i.e. posters or advertisements).

(i.e. Posters) Here

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If Applicable

If Applicable

If Applicable

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