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Friday, May 24, 2024

Maroon Schedule
Junior NHS members--please meet in the library after school on Wednesday to elect our new officers and leadership team. Be sure to sign up on the Google Classroom sheet if you are running for an office and be ready to give a brief speech to the group! n
Friendly reminder from Mrs. Tibbetts in the library. All materials (books, microphones, etc) must be returned to the library by May 24th! Anything not returned will be marked as lost and you will be charged the full cost! If you are looking to check out books for the summer, you must have paid all your fines and returned all materials. Please see Mrs. Tibbetts if any of these things apply to you, or if you have any questions! l

There will be a meeting for all girls interested in participating in summer basketball on Wednesday, May 29th at 2:10 in Coach Berthiaume's room. C-217gb

Attention all GHS students. There will be an informational meeting for cross country on Thursday, May 30th at 2:15pm in Ms. Nelson's classroom. We welcome all students who would like to hear more about being a part of our awesome team! We hope you consider embracing the opportunity to meet new AWESOME people, improve your overall fitness, and get to be outside after school !! Reach out to Mr. Tanguay or Ms. Nelson with any questions! x
Important Announcement about iPads
Grades 9-11
This year all students will need to turn in their iPad before they leave for the summer. Students will be getting new iPads next year. (Info on new student iPads and handout dates to come later. Handout will be in August.)
  • All underclassmen will need to hand in their iPad when they are done with the last final that they need their ipad for. All iPads must be turned in to Mr. Daggett ONLY. If it is turned in to a teacher, main office, left somewhere, you will not get credit and will likely end up receiving a bill for the ipad. (Rm B117 down the hallway just past the music room)
  • ALL ipads must be returned by 2:30pm on Friday 6/7. Any ipads not returned will be disabled.
  • All Student ipads will be inspected for damage. if it is found to have a cracked screen, they will be charged the $25 deductible.
  • Strongly urged to turn in before the last final, if applicable. There will be a long line after the final at 11pm on Friday 6/7.
  • If a charger and USB Cable is not returned the student will be billed. ($10 for the brick, $5 for the cable, $15 for both). Even if they don't have a charger they should still return the ipad on time, they can return a charge later to waive the bill.
  • Students should backup anything from their ipad they wish to keep. Save files to Google Drive and Google Photos for pictures. Turn on Google backup in Notability. Export and save any iMovie projects to Google drive.
  • Students do not need to do anything to their ipad aside from backup, they will be erased and wiped clean so they don't have to worry about logging out of accounts etc.
  • Seniors receive a separate email with instructions, their ipads must be returned by Tuesday 6/4.
Grade 12 - Seniors
  • Seniors will return their ipad during marching practice, on 6/3 and 6/4.  (or sooner if you don't need it for Internship and want to beat the rush).
  • ALL Senior ipads must be returned by 2:30pm on Tuesday 6/4. Any ipads not returned will be disabled.
  • Your ipad will be inspected for damage. if you have a cracked screen you will be charged the $25 deductible before your Senior Checklist is signed.
  • IF you wait until after Marching Practice on 6/4, expect to wait in a long line. Each iPad must be inspected and then signed off on.
  • Please backup anything from your ipad you wish to keep. You can save files to Google Drive and Google Photos for pictures.
  • You do not need to do anything to your ipad, they will be erased and wiped clean so you don't have to worry about logging out of accounts etc.
  • Your Gorham Google account will be accessible for 1 year after Graduation.

Student Services

Climate Justice Camp

For any students interested in a week-long, overnight camp opportunity centered around the theme of Climate Justice, there will be a Climate Justice Camp offered at Pilgrim Lodge on beautiful Lake Cobbosseecontee in West Gardiner, Maine from Sunday, July 21st to Saturday, July 27th, 2024! Who Can Go: Campers entering Grades 9-12 & new high school graduates Event Fee: $550.00 – $725.00 Tiered Pricing - scholarships allow families to “pay what they can” for the session including the option to come for FREE! This camp is offered through a partnership between Pilgrim Lodge, a ministry of the Maine Conference, United Church of Christ, and The BTS Center. During this unique and powerful week, young people will have the opportunity to explore imagination, kinship, and grief within the context of a climate-changed world. Climate Justice Camp begins with honesty about the hard realities the climate crisis is presenting for the human species, and offers a grounded hope that is deeper than wishful thinking. Campers will learn about climate science as it relates to Maine’s ecosystems and watersheds. Campers will also explore, honor, and learn from the lake and forest where Pilgrim Lodge is located, while being invited to hold an imaginative posture — expanding their vision from what is, to what if. Finally, young people will have opportunities to build deep, supportive, peer relationships as we explore together who we might choose to be in these times and work to build communities that protect both people and planet. In addition, campers will enjoy all that camp has to offer, such as swimming, boating, singing, crafting, playing games, enjoying cookouts, savoring ice cream, spending time with old and new friends, and so much more! All campers will receive a Climate Justice Champion certificate from The BTS Center, Pilgrim Lodge, and Maine People's Alliance, celebrating their identity as youth climate advocates. This credential could be referenced on college applications and resumes. While Pilgrim Lodge is a United Church of Christ camp with deep roots and sacred symbolism from the Christian tradition woven throughout its identity, Climate Justice Camp has been created for young people of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds to engage in meaningful conversations that respect the spiritual and religious paths of all campers. Pilgrim Lodge has counselors and staff representing a variety of faith traditions, including atheist and agnostic. Each of these pathways are honored and celebrated. Our Sacred Gathering times carve out space to be still, to engage one another’s stories, to sing, and to enjoy the beauty of nature and community. For more information and to register, please go to: https://www.pilgrimlodge.org/camps/climate-justice/


Champlain College

Registration is now open for the Pre-College Summer Programs at Champlain College - this is the perfect opportunity for interested students to get a taste of college life and explore your passions. Whether you're an artist at heart or a STEM enthusiast, they have a program tailored just for you. Art & Design Portfolio Course: Students will unleash their creativity and refine their artistic skills as they build an impressive portfolio that will set them on a path to success in the world of art and design. Animation Academy: Students will dive into the captivating world of animation and develop the skills needed to bring their imaginative creations to life. Audio Engineering, Sound Design & Music Academy: Students will explore the magic of sound design and music production, learning from industry professionals while honing their skills in our state-of-the-art facilities. Champlain Game Academy: For the game developers of the future, this program will immerse students' in the world of game design, development, and industry insights. Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics Academy: Students will uncover the exciting world of cybersecurity and digital forensics, learning to protect and investigate in an increasingly connected world. Digital Media Production: Students' will learn the art of storytelling through digital media, from videography to editing, and get hands-on experience in producing their own content. Each program is carefully curated to provide students with an immersive and enriching experience, combining classroom instruction with practical, hands-on learning, all while being mentored by their esteemed faculty and industry experts. Registration is now open! Learn more and register by going to - https://summer.champlain.edu They look forward to welcoming students to Champlain College's Pre-College Summer Programs in 2024, where interested students will explore their passions, uncover their potential, and make lasting memories. Space is limited; interested students are encouraged to apply early


University Credit Union Scholarship

This is the ninth year of the University Credit Union Scholarship! They will award eight, $1,000 scholarships to high school seniors entering their first year of college in 2024! Scholarships will be awarded to one student at each of the following schools: UMO, UMA, UMF, UMFK, UMM, UMPI, USM,& Maine Maritime Academy. Applicants must complete all required information on the online UCU application which can be found at www.ucumaine.com/scholarship/ and please be sure to include primary UCU membership. No essays required. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Criteria for Selection: All applications will be sent to the Scholarship Committee after the application deadline. The committee will review all submissions for eligibility and requirements to determine entry into the drawing. Scholarship awardees will be randomly drawn from the pool of approved eligible applications for each of the eight awards. (Transcript is not required for this scholarship application). Scholarship awardees will be notified by June 1, 2024. Awardees will be asked to submit a photo for publication in our membership newsletter and press release. UCU reserves the right to discontinue this scholarship program anytime without notice. UCU reserves the right not to award any scholarships should there be no qualified applicants. Please apply by going to -https://www.ucumaine.com/scholarship/


Maine Medical Center Junior Volunteer Program

Maine Medical Center is excited to announce that the Maine Medical Center Junior Volunteer program is now year-round! Applications will be accepted and processed on a rolling basis. Volunteers ages 14-17 may choose between volunteering during the summer or year-round. Junior Volunteers will participate in the same training as their adult volunteers and will have more choices regarding their assignment. This change will also allow for more flexibility in scheduling. Junior Volunteers will require parental consent to volunteer. High School students that are 18+ will be processed as adult volunteers. Interested students can apply for the Junior Volunteer program through their online application process, which mirrors the application process for adult volunteers. Upon submission of your application, you will be provided with further instructions on the next steps, which include: 1. Completion of an immunization form by your healthcare provider, which must be submitted to their employee health department for review and clearance. 2. Attendance at an orientation session, which may be conducted in person or virtually. 3. Issuance of a volunteer badge and setup for volunteering within their facility. Volunteers participating in the program have the flexibility to fulfill their hours during the summer months only or throughout the year. Students interested in this opportunity can apply by going to - https://www.volgistics.com/appform/1114887224 For any interested students who have questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to reach out to Stephanie Salamone, Program Coordinator, Department of Critical Care Medicine, 22 Bramhall St.| Portland, ME 04102, email address - stephanie.salamone@mainehealth.org


Giving Garden Gorham Middle School

For any students interested in earning community service hours, The Giving Garden at Gorham Middle School is seeking volunteers this summer to help weed, harvest, and plant throughout the season! The garden is entering its 20th growing year and is dedicated to growing and donating fresh produce to the Gorham Food Pantry. Every year, the garden donates 1000-1500 lbs of produce to the community through the pantry. Who can volunteer? Families, businesses that would like to host a team building volunteer session for their employees, high school students who need to fulfill their graduation volunteer requirements, clubs, organizations... you name it! No experience needed and you can come once OR multiple times. Please look at our Sign-up Genius form for details about volunteer opportunities and PLEASE SHARE!!! We can't do this important work without YOU! #growgivegorham https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70A0F45A9A92BA5FD0-48140986-middle#/