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Advertising to GHS Students or Staff

Any type of advertising, fundraising, or solicitation connected to the school, generated out of course curriculum or activities or from an approved student club or organization, requires administrative approval. Any type of advertising, fundraising, or solicitation not connected to the school must follow Gorham Schools policies KHB Advertising in Schools or KHC Distribution of Materials Through Students. Forms available in the Main Office must be completed and submitted to the building principal for approval prior to any advertisement being posted inside or outside of GHS. A staff member must supervise all such activities. Individual fundraising, promotion of for-profit business sales, or promotion of political candidates or political causes are not allowed.



The Gorham School Committee believes that schools should avoid exploitation of students, whether by advertising or otherwise promoting products and services, or by securing participation in non-school related activities and functions. At the same time, the Committee recognizes that schools should inform and assist students in learning about programs, activities or information which may be of help or service to them.

The Gorham School Committee discourages advertisement or sale of goods or services in schools or distributed through schools except when approved by the Superintendent or designee.


  1. Any solicitations by agents or representatives of business concerns will be through administrative offices.

  2. Advertising distributed through schools will be limited to community service organization and will exclude organizations whose primary motivation is profit.


In approving sale of goods in school for profit, the Superintendent will determine that:

  1. The end result of the sale will enhance the educational climate for the students;
  2. A fair and equitable method has been used to select the specific business or service;
  3. The sale of goods in no way interferes with the normal operation of the school.

Code: KHB

Adopted: August 27, 1973

Reviewed: May 21, 1980, March 10, 2004  

Amended: December 11, 1985, March 15, 1989



The Gorham School Committee believes that students, who are required by law to attend school, should not be used to distribute or carry home materials that are not directly related to school programs, school curriculum, and/or school-related activities for students. Only the following materials may be distributed to be carried home by students:

  1. Official communications from the School Committee, Superintendent, and Administrators and school staff such as newsletters, letters to parents, meeting or event announcements, school forms, and classroom information;

  2. Information and notices concerning school-sponsored activities and programs for students and/or parents;

  3. Information and notices concerning activities and programs offered by groups affiliated with and recognized by the Gorham School Department (such as parent-teacher groups and booster clubs);

  4. Notices from the Gorham Recreation Program and the University of Southern Maine regarding programs available for students.

The Superintendent retains the discretion, on a case-by-case basis, to approve the distribution of materials from other non-profit groups concerning activities/programs that directly enhance the educational goals of the schools and are designed to benefit students. The Superintendent's decision in each case shall be final.

Adopted: January10,2001 Reviewed: March 10, 2004