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Understanding High-Potency Marijuana

Use of high potency marijuana is growing in Maine and use among students is following a similar trend. This is especially concerning because today’s marijuana products contain very high levels of THC, many times higher than just 20 years ago. The National Institutes of Health reports that marijuana use in youth can cause long-term, permanent changes to the brain and lead to many health problems. Including anxiety, depression, suicidality, and psychosis.

To help families better understand the dangers of jarijuana use, Scarborough High school, and our student group “Sources of Strength,” have teamed up to host and informational program entitled “Understanding Today’s Marijuana” on Wednesday, April 12, from 6:30 - 8:00 PM in the Auditorium at Scarborough HIgh School.

Our speaker for the evening will be David Packhem, Founder and Executive Director of Students Empowered to End Dependency (SEED), a group of school and community organizations that collaborated over the past three years to produce Voices of Hope, a documentary series on addiction that airs on Maine Public TV. Students and staff from Scarborough High School have been featured in the series and engaged in this project from its earliest stages and remain committed to helping SEED further its mission to spread the work about substance use disorder and recovery.

Dave will be joined by several panelists, including medical professionals, educators and Jay Orser, a Yarmouth HS senior, now in his eighth month of recovery. Jay boldly and honestly recounts his personal experience with alcohol and marijuana addiction and how his life has changed since seeking sobriety. Panelists will interact with the audience and share their knowledge and experience on all matters related to substance use - and specifically, the use of marijuana.

We wanted to invite our neighbors from Cape Elizabeth, South Portland, Gorham, and Thornton Academy and others to join us for this informative evening. Please find attached, an informational poster about this forum. Whether or not you can attend on April 12, I encourage you to watch the Voices of Hope Series. All episodes can be seen on their website: www.seedmaine.org.