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Plan for Remote-Learning Days

Once we use five snow days, the Gorham School Department will institute remote-learning when we have a snow day to avoid adding additional days to the end of the school year.  Here is the plan for how GHS will handle remote learning when we have a snow day following the fifth snow day of the year:

During a remote-learning snow day, GHS teachers will provide asynchronous activities that are meaningful and designed to ensure students progress in the curriculum.  By 8:00 AM, teachers will email their students or post to their Google Classroom the plan for their classes.  Each plan will include a lesson or instructions for an activity and “office hours” (a minimum of two hours) for when the teacher will be available to assist students, answer questions, or provide feedback. “Office hours” are intended to be a block of time when students know that their teacher is available to respond in a timely manner to questions or to meet via Google Meets or Zoom for help.  Special Education teachers and educational technicians will divide their caseloads and establish individual plans for their students to work on their IEP goals; plans should include times that they will be available to support their students.  School counselors and social workers will email the students on their caseloads to inform them of their office hours when they will be available to respond to students or meet with students remotely if necessary.  School counselors will offer any student who had scheduled a meeting the opportunity to meet remotely or reschedule the appointment as appropriate. 

Students are expected to have their iPad and check their email and each of their teachers’ Google Classroom to find out what the lesson or activity is that they need to complete before the start of the next class period.  Please note that students and teachers are only responsible for the classes that fall on the remote-learning snow day (e.g. maroon or white day); advisories will not meet during a remote-learning snow day.