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Time to Plan for the Senior Experience

The Senior Experience 

The Senior Experience is an opportunity for eligible seniors to pursue a 36-hour workplace learning experience in an area that they are passionate about. Experiences may include traditional internships, volunteer projects, or other approved extended learning opportunities.
Seniors should review the overview here and submit their proposal here. Seniors should have their proposal submitted by Friday, April 7th. Once your proposal is approved, you will receive an email with the contract.

Dates for the Senior Experience:
Starts: Monday, May 22nd
Ends: Thursday, June 1st
If you’re struggling to come up with an idea, take a look at the internships that students have done in the past.
Generally, people in your personal network make great mentors and can be helpful in coming up with ideas.
Volunteer projects can be with an established organization or self-led.
Interest-based projects can be done with support from a mentor or self-led.