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Welcome Class of 2026


August 4, 2022

Dear Families of GHS Freshmen,

We are excited to welcome the GHS Class of 2026 to Gorham High School and to let you know about “Freshmen Day” on Monday, August 29th when incoming 9th graders will have the chance to go through their schedules, meet their teachers, and learn to navigate GHS before all the other students in grades 10-12 arrive the following day.  

We will begin the day with an assembly where students will be introduced to the GHS staff followed by time in Advisories where students will have a chance to get to know each other, see old friends, and meet new ones.  We will also take time during Advisory for students to get their new iPads.  Please note that students must bring a check for $25 made out to the Gorham School Department.  After Advisory, students will be divided into book groups where they will discuss the summer reading texts they received before leaving the middle school.  Students should be sure to bring their summer reading book to school on the 29th.  Following book groups, students will go to each of their classes, meet their teachers, have lunch, and learn how to get from one class to the next.  The purpose of “Freshmen Day” is to help the 9th graders feel more comfortable in their new school.  

We are also writing to invite all parents and guardians of incoming freshmen to our annual Freshmen Parent Orientation on Monday, August 29th at 6:00 p.m. at GHS.  This event is hosted by GHS Administration and the Guidance Office for parents and guardians of incoming 9th graders to hear what life in high school is really like.  We hope to see you there!

GHS is an excellent high school with tremendous academic programs that prepare students for the most rigorous colleges in America; abundant academic and social-emotional supports for students; many opportunities for students to be involved in athletics or extracurricular activities, including over 27 varsity programs and more than 40 school clubs; and a wonderfully supportive culture.  While we are proud of all that GHS has to offer students, this does not discount the effort that each student must invest in his or her own education to be successful.  Research proves that students who have good attendance, who get involved in the school community, and who do their homework do well in school.  So, to all the 9th grade students, we call upon you to come to school every day, get involved in a club or on a sports team, and do your homework.  

Research also shows just how important the freshman year is: Students who attain at least five credits their freshman year go on to graduate while those who do not earn at least five credits are at a substantially higher risk of not graduating.  For this reason, we ask all parents and guardians to stay involved in your son or daughter's education.  Working together – home and school – we can ensure a successful high school experience.

Please note that you can contact any GHS staff member by calling 207-222-1100 or sending an email to [email protected].  For more specific contact information, please see below:

For questions about attendance...

Laura Ryan


[email protected]

To update contact information in Infinite Campus...

Amy Sullivan


[email protected]

To speak with our School Nurse...

Carlye Homan 


[email protected]

For questions about academic advising, social-emotional supports, or post-secondary planning...

The Guidance Office


Betsy Anastasoff

School Counselor for students whose last name begins with A-C

[email protected]

Samantha Teixeira

School Counselor for students whose last name begins with D-LES

[email protected]

Trisha Cherry

School Counselor students whose last name begins with 


[email protected]

Kate Stevens

School Counselor students whose last name begins with 


[email protected]

For questions about our Food Nutrition Program...



Anthony Salvaggio 

GHS Kitchen Manager

[email protected]

For questions about transportation (i.e. school buses)... 

The Transportation Department


Norm Justice

Director of Transportation 

[email protected]

For questions about Athletics...

The Athletic Department


Tim Spear

Athletic Director

[email protected]

Please also review our website at ghs.gorhamschools.org or check us out on Instagram @gorhamhighschool and on Twitter @gorhamrams and @brianjandreau.

In closing, we wish you all a fun-filled final weeks of summer vacation. We will be at GHS getting ready for the 2022-2023 school year, so please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or wish to discuss GHS.


Brian Jandreau, Principal 

P.S. Students should plan to bring a pen or pencil, a notebook, lunch (or plan to get lunch at GHS from the cafeteria), a check for $25 made out to the Gorham School Department for their new iPad and their summer reading book to Freshmen Day.  We do not have a comprehensive list of school supplies like the other schools do.  Each teacher may provide a list of supplies when they meet their students on the first day of school.  With that said, Mr. Parvanta, one of our technology gurus, has put together a list of items students may want to purchase for school (please click on the following link): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1g_7SDk3C_cpkscQSA76upMVMOQeZ-YZ_a4Br6vHRRo0/edit